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Monday, March 2, 2009

Modern Cuisine

Anyone who knows me, knows I take a long time to make a large purchase. Well I've been talking about buying an immersion circulator for over a year now and I finally jumped. I found a Fisher scientific 73 on EBay for a $175 and could not resist.
So I did like I always do, I wrote a menu using new techniques or food or recipes that I don't know and now have to figure out. It forces me to learn-- sounds dumb but it works for me.

Although I tried something different this time I actually tried to cook something before it was needed and had to be perfect.

The Experiment-- 130 grams Rib Eye Steak and 1 clove of roasted garlic cryovaced and cooked sous vide for 10 hrs at 54' C.

I seared the meat in a hot pan with a little 10% olive oil blend.
I've been reading about sous vide cooking on every blog I can find and books that I can't afford for over a year now and today I got my first taste---

Wow. The meat was a perfect medium-rare, tender as it gets.

All this did is really get my juices going. I can't wait to get i to work tomorrow and try lamb, pork, different cuts of beef. This is going to be interesting.

Long Week

Just got done a long week, we had a party on Saturday for 210 people. Time to get back to the restaurant work and get ready for Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week is 3 weeks away but I just wrote the menu and it's time to start practicing. 

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