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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Chance Sunday Supper

If you check here regularly, Thank You, but this blog will go dark over the next month or so. Please check here for all future postings for Sunday Supper and here to get your fill of my nutty opinions.

Thanks Fred

Sunday march 11th, 2012

First Course

Mussels- tomato, garlic and white wine
Brussel Sprouts- bacon and onion
Eggroll- 5-spice chicken
Duck Confit- saffron garlic aoili

Second Course

Romaine- asiago, parmesan and roasted garlic crustini
House Salad- red onion, pear, blue cheese and honey vinaigrette
Sweet Potato Coconut Soup

Main Course

Gnocchi- tomato, basil and asiago
Crab Cake - lemon dill aioli and wilted spinach
Salmon- turnips, carrot and spinach
Korean BBQ Steak- udon noodles, mushrooms and sprouts
Chicken - sweet potato puree and jus

Dessert Course

Bread Pudding- crème anglaise
Sweet Potato Ice Cream - chocolate sauce
Chocolate Torte- vanilla ice cream

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