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Friday, November 26, 2010

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday November 27th 2010

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family. I am sure most of you will be ready for a great meal after shopping the whole black friday rush at the stores. To honor the Small Business, like Elements Cafe, American Express is offering a steal of a deal. The first ever “Small Business Saturday”, will be celebrated this Saturday November 27th. I think this deal is to good and too easy to pass up. If you register your American Express card with SmallBusinessSaturday.com then you are eligible to receive $25.00 off your statement if you spend $25.00 or more at a local Small Businesses. My idea, spend $50.00 in post Black Friday Holiday shopping dinner and get the $25 statemnet credit. It's like getting by one get one for free. Of course this applies to any check at Elements, including the purchase of gift certificates or take out. So hope to see you at Elements on Saturday!

This deal brought to you by American Express-- but really Elements

Monday, November 22, 2010

I Have a Question

Elements is not a big chain restaurant, so we aren't going to give away a free meal every time someone doesn't like something. We do however like to get feed back from our guests and when someone speaks up at the table and doesn't like something, we respond immediately and appropriately. With that in mind could someone please answer this question.

If I ask someones opinion about the food, should I just say thank you and move on or should I try to give explanation of the dishes? What would you want?

This very situation came up this past weekend about two of my staple dishes-bread pudding was "just croutons with cream over it" and the flourless chocolate torte "is dry, crumbly and doesn't taste fresh". These two dishes I've been doing for 15 years and seem to make people happy. They are not New Jersey sickly sweet Italian bakery desserts and freshness I think is a hallmark of this restaurant--- we make everything fresh. The only thing we don't make is bread.

So if people, fan or not, could please respond I would appreciate it.

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