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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Chance Sunday Supper-4 course for $24

First Course

Rock Shrimp- tomato, orzo and olive oil
Mussels-chorizo sausage and tomato
Brussel Sprouts - tomato, onion and arugula
Korean BBQ Chicken- kim chee and dipping sauce

Second Course

Spring Green Salad- walnuts, blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette
Hearts of Romaine -asiago cheese, roasted garlic crustini and creamy parmesan dressing
Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Main Course

Potato Gnocchi- escarole, tomato and olive
Sea Trout- asparagus risotto
Grilled Ahi- lentil, olives and artichokes
Chicken- brussel sprouts and white beans
Beef Short Ribs- potato, green beans and demi

Dessert Course

Crème Brulee- citrus biscotti
Chocolate Brownie- sweet potato and coffee
Fresh Fruit Tart- frozen blackberry yogurt

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Open That Bottle Night

February 27th, 2010--Elements will host our latest annual installment of Open That Bottle Night--started by the Wall Street Journal.

         We all have one.  That special bottle of wine. You know the one we mean.  That red or white we purchased because it was served at our wedding or our children's wedding day. Maybe it was bought to celebrate the birth of a child, or picked up on that trip to wine country or on your first or second honeymoon.   It has a special meaning with wonderful memories attached.  It's that bottle that you put away for that special occasion, waiting for just the right moment to share with family or friends.  Has the right time never come?  Has that bottle been sitting there collecting dust?  Don't let that bottle go to waste.  Here's the chance to open it up and let the memories spill out.  On 'Open the Bottle Night'  Saturday, February 27th, 2010 people around the country will be uncorking that special bottle of wine to dine and reminisce about just what that red or white means to them.

        Come join us at Elements and bring along that special bottle.  We will be serving two price fixe menus that evening.  One designed to complement white wines and one to complement reds. Each menu will consist of five courses and will be $40.00 per person.    So whether it's a cozy dinner for two, or a gathering of friends,  open the bottle and uncork the memories!
  To make reservations please call us at 856-546-8840, or use our convenient online reservation link to Open table also located on our website.

Open That Bottle Night-Feb 27th , 2010 $40 per person

White Wine Menu

First Course
Grits-oyster mushrooms/shiso/buttermilk

Second Course

Third Course
Butternut Squash-iceberg/apple/manchego

Main Course
Chicken-lemon/ caper /golden raisin

Lobster-white bean/escarole/sunchoke

Dessert Course
gouda/dark chocolate/reisling

Red Wine Menu

First Course
Ravioli-goat cheese/arugula/red pepper

Second Course

Third Course

Main Course
30 day Dry Aged Rib Eye-crimini/ brussel sprout /turnip

Ahi Tuna-lentils/artichoke/kalamata

Dessert Course
Maytag blue/dark chocolate/port wine

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some people can be so nice...

Just a few of the recent comments about us...  
...Elements was everything we hoped it would be. The food was delicious and attractively presented. It's a tapas menu, so the servings are small, but spectacular....
... Elements Cafe fits the definition of the quintessential restaurant. Starting with excellent service, then moving onto interesting menu choices (as our waitress said Elements is the place to try food you have never tried before as the Chef is a wizard with presentation and food), and than the food itself is outstanding!...
....How fortunate to have a wonderful dining establishment right in the neighborhood....

Not trying to "toote" my own horn and as often as I complain about the strange and rude things people say at the restaurant, I thought I should show you that we really have some great and loyal customers. And besides, the staff deserves to let people know that a lot of our guests like what we do. 

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