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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Happened?????

I'm sure by now most people that enjoy good food have heard that the Fat Duck has temporarily closed due to a possible food poisoning outbreak.

I'm sure if you want you can find many blog posts that speak of the over reaction by the public and possibly Heston Blumenthal himself. But I won't link to them whether I agree with the blogger or not.

I'm more interested in someone that does not know the whole story, but I don't want to try to make you think I do. 

Everyday when you go out to eat, you trust that the restaurant you choose, and their staff is safe and responsible with the work they do.  But in this day and age, where you get your news from, the tv, internet, or your next door neighbor is more interested in shocking you then giving you all the information.  If that 'breaking news' happens to be wrong or skewed, where you got the information will never come racing back to you and say we were wrong. They'll bury it on page 12, not put it on your news home page, and they won't call you to tell you all is okay. Your favorite restaurant is run by people that work on the spur of the moment all the time. But people make mistakes. As much as I tell everyone that I don't, and I don't, people make mistakes. 

Now we try everyday to adhere to every health code there is and I'm positive that the Fat Duck adheres to standards that a lot of medical research labs would be proud of but something happened and the Fat Duck staff will learn from it and move on. I just hope that the public will give them the respect that they deserve and the time they need to figure this out.

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