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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Common Courtesy

This weeks has to be one of my least favorite times of the year. Everyone in this business works long hours but we enjoy it, but the week before Valentine's Day is especially difficult when the dining public has no respect for anyone. Not their dining companion, not the server, and least of all the person waiting for the table when your done eating.

We know that your going out for that special meal at a place you can't always afford....
We know that you want everything to be perfect.....
We know that you know better then we do how to do our job.....

But just once, just once, if you decide to come to our little slice of the world known as Elements Cafe please assume we know what we're doing. The young ladies that work in the dining room will move as fast as they can, they will give you the table that we have available and they know this night is special and will treat it that way.

 I'm in the kitchen with my entire staff and I'm cooking the best I can to make this night perfect for you. But know this, in the past you've been rude, condescending, and down right mean, and if you do it again I'm coming out of the kitchen and I'm going to embarrass the shit out of you and treat you like the child you are!

So come out enjoy yourself, but be nice because I'm not!

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