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Monday, June 8, 2009

Chef Wars Act 1

I had no idea how much work this is. This is my 1st major post and I thought I could knock this out in an hour. What a mistake. It took me almost 7 hours over 3 days to get this done. 

Chef Wars is a guest chef dining competition presented by the SJHotchefs. I was fortunate enough to host the 1st of 2 dinners with Chef Richard Marsh of Andreotti's Viennese Cafe of Cherry Hill NJ. 

We had a full house for the dinner and a great time. There is just too much to write about and I'm not that good of a writer anyway so just take a look at the pictures. 

I'll do individual posts about the different plates has I get them done but this is as far as I go for now.

I'll be at Andreotti's on the 18th so come on over and enjoy a great dinner and vote me into the 2nd round.

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