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Sunday, July 19, 2009

No Class--Part 2

Just in case you thought I was going soft, I must give you a new edition of NO CLASS!

YO ASSHOLE! When you make a reservation for 10 people and we call you to confirm 2 hours before your reservation and you say-"yes, we'll be there at 7pm for a party of 10" and you show up with 4 at 7:30pm. Be prepared to be treated as well as you have treated us.

It goes beyond my ability to be professional to an ASSHOLE such as yourself.

If you're sitting in my dining room and I think you're taking to long to eat-- the next course is coming.

If I think you're finished you're entree-- you're finished.

And if I want to send your desserts out before you order coffee-- get the hint.

We'll take your money tonight but you are not worth the effort to have back.

And yes, you're in the dining room right now and I'm coming to shut off the air conditioning and turn up the lights --- get out!


  1. Dear Chef Fred,

    I came across your blog while searching for the Elements Cafe Farm to Fork menu, and I must say that I find it beyond distasteful. While I did read your entry about the "good, the bad, and the ugly" being featured in your blog, there is also something to be said for separating one's personal and professional life enough to avoid losing good business. While you may complain about your bad customers in the context of your blog, it's more likely to be the good customers who read it, and if they have an upbringing anything like mine, they will find your crude language and angry tone offensive, obnoxious, and most of all immature.

    I love dining at Elements, and I consider your food to be superb. And I respect your desire to share your feelings in a personal blog--but I would avoid such harsh outpourings in a blog that could gain you many a valued customer.

    Best wishes,
    A Haddon Heights Resident

  2. Dear Anonymous
    It is what it is and I am what I am--HONEST. The difference between me and and most people-- I don't hide behind anonymity and I write how I speak. I use language that is common place in all walks of life from your kids' grammer school to your mothers' place of work. It is not meant to offend you, but how I really feel about a situation.

    The restaurant business is my chosen line of work but because we "serve" people, people think they have the right to treat us poorly or without manners themselves.

    I choose to express my thoughts and feelings about how they act here, in this place. This is an extension of me, if you don't like me that is your choice but if you choose to judge me watch that the glass doesn't break in your tower.

  3. I'm afraid I have to agree with the other poster--the kinds of people you want in your restaurant are likely to be very turned off by your expressions of disdain for your guests.

    I'm a foodie--not your well done steak and coke guy. I've not dined at Elements yet, but was excited to see that there is someone serving creative food with exciting ingredients in the area. I'm somewhat afraid to bring a special occasion to your restaurant for fear that we would end up on the losing end of one of your rants--it would embarrass me to have recommended and invited my guests into that kind of atmosphere.

    Despite this, we'll be taking our chances and hoping that your true feelings towards your guests can be held back while we're visiting.


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