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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Guests

After a couple of e-mails and a couple of comments to the blog-- which I love finally I have proof that someone reads this. I think yet again I must explain myself.

One person used the words "disdain for my guests" and I think this is completely unfair. Many times I'm found in the dining room talking with people, giving out recipes or just taking the moment to meet someone new. This part of the business I truly enjoy.

It is when I'm treated poorly that I boil over and I don't enter the dining room, instead I choose to vent my anger for a persons' total lack of common courtesy in this forum.

And quite honestly I'm shocked that people are so put off by it. But then maybe I shouldn't be.

People are so used to getting their every little wish, treating employees badly and just being a bad people in general that when they are called out on it, even anonymously they go running for the their "Mommy's apron".

With all this in mind I find it necessary that I offer you a bland, kiss your rear, insight into the restaurant world.

If I had known idea that offering frank straight forward views of the few bad seeds we get here in addition to the hundreds of great people was going to be so off putting to so many people.

So look for pictures of food and advertisements for upcoming events but if you want honesty--- sorry you can't handle it.

For the majority of you that know and understand me and have commented to me directly on your enjoyment of my writing and know where I'm coming from, please e-mail directly and I'll give you a link to my new blog-- it'll have all the inside ideas, passion, and dirt.

But remember it will be honest.

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  1. In life nothing is always perfect: food, business and guests... And, in my opinion, you're allowed to say so. Why are we so ok with people commenting on the restaurant and we wouldn't be on the restaurant commenting on the guests?

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!


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