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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some people can be so nice...

Just a few of the recent comments about us...  
...Elements was everything we hoped it would be. The food was delicious and attractively presented. It's a tapas menu, so the servings are small, but spectacular....
... Elements Cafe fits the definition of the quintessential restaurant. Starting with excellent service, then moving onto interesting menu choices (as our waitress said Elements is the place to try food you have never tried before as the Chef is a wizard with presentation and food), and than the food itself is outstanding!...
....How fortunate to have a wonderful dining establishment right in the neighborhood....

Not trying to "toote" my own horn and as often as I complain about the strange and rude things people say at the restaurant, I thought I should show you that we really have some great and loyal customers. And besides, the staff deserves to let people know that a lot of our guests like what we do. 


  1. You quoted my review Chef. I would have written more but Opentable has a word limit.

    Elements will be at the top of our "special occassions" list. My Sweetie had a great Valentine's weekend due in no small part to your fine food, the cool vibe, and excellent staff. We were like, "Wow, that was amazing" when we left. And all the cool menu things will give us a lot of reasons to come back.

  2. Thanks so much Charlie-I'm glad we were able to add to your evening. And double thanks I finally have a follower for the blog.


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