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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are you kidding me!!!

On a regular basis I search for and read reviews for the restaurant. The most important reviews to me are by the dining public. The so called "pros" bring the public in but the regular guests' opinion is far more important--they're the ones that come back.

But come on---one of my latest reviews the guest complained about how the room was arranged, not the food or service-- they liked that. They said the room wasn't "cozy" enough. Lets see long thin room 14 x 40, 2 rows of tables with walking path down the middle. I'm sorry maybe I should put in a fireplace in the middle of the room and get rid of half the tables so they can be "cozy".

Have we become so  cynical a society that we have to find fault with everything? Or is it just our own short comings?-- we must make other people feel bad to make ourselves feel better.


  1. Some people aren't happy unless they are complaining about something. I think Elements is plenty cozy.

  2. ironic! might as well get rid of half the tables because apparently you cant offer good food or service to your customers if there are more than 4 occupied, to the extent that you turn people away completely. absurd. miserable business. you might be honest, you might be a good chef (something ill never find out bc i will never eat at your restautant) but you suck as a business owner and shouldnt ever think that you are SO good that you dont need customers, no one succeeds thinking that way. its one thing to turn people away when its busy and reservations are waiting, but not because you have one server on, thats your fault. learn how to do things or hire someone that does because if not, youll fail.

  3. oh let me guess, that comment wont be "approved" to be visible.

  4. Maria- I published your comments, I hope your happy. Go here for my reply--http://elementscafe.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-i-run-my-business.html

  5. "Four Stars!" Best broccoli soup, best lamb I ever had. Chef Fred is an outstanding cook, the food was simply extraordinary. The oyster appetizer and duck entre weren't on the menu the night I went, I hope to be able to try them next time. Excellent food and wonderful service.

    On the complaint you got, I think, if you offer Groupon again (and I hope you will!), maybe you could include a statement in the offer that says "reservation required." That would avoid any problem of people showing up on the last day, and not being able to be seated, or to have the end date extended. Just a suggestion.


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