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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's been a long time!!!

Do to some people who thought their PC personality was more important that acting like a mature adult-- I stopped writing.

I'm baaack!!!--but slightly toned down(at the wife's request)

Attention ladies--sorry your the only people who do this.

Asking for extra lemon and sugar to make lemonade?-- Really, you can't afford the $2 for a bottomless drink-I have lemonade on the menu.

Just for those of you that don't know, asking for extra lemons and sugar so you can make lemonade is WRONG!!!

1. it's not lemonade--it's lemon water with undissolved sugar

2. it's beyond cheap--it's crass(for those that don't know it means-- lacking refinement). And if your not refined enough to know this how did you get this far in life.

3. the staff is going to laugh and talk about you.

--Of course we'll give you the lemons and sugar, we know if you're going to make this request your going to make every annoying request you can think of and we're going to start laughing at you now!!!(Personally, I called a chef friend and told them to come laugh at you in person)

So to sum up--Buy the damn lemonade!!!

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