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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lunch is back at Elements

Lunch Menu

First Plates

~ Mussels- chorizo and tomato                                         6
~ Ravioli- du jour                                                              6
~ Pork Potstickers                                                          4
~ Shrimp Bisque                                                              6

~ Caesar Salad                                                                6
            roasted garlic crustini, asiago cheese and creamy parmesan dressing
~ Amy’s Grilled Chicken Salad                                    8
            apples, almonds, golden raisins and honey mustard dressing
~ This Chef’s Salad                                                        9         
            it’s whatever I feel like eatin’
~ Panzanella                                                                   8
            warm Italian bread salad topped with asiago cheese and reduced balsamic vinegar


~ Grilled Portobello and Crispy Mozzarella                   9
red onion marmalade and arugula on toasted ciabatta roll
~ Panko crusted Crab Cake                                     11
            cajun aioli on a toasted ciabatta roll
~ Skillet Burger                                                            8
            provolone cheese, spicy cole slaw and Dijon mustard on a pretzel roll
~ Bacon Egg and Cheese Club                                      7
            toasted semolina bread and aioli

Main Plates

~ Potato Gnocchi                                                           9
sun-dried tomato, spinach and asiago cream sauce
~ Herb Roasted Chicken                                             10
            smoked mozzarella polenta and wilted spinach
~ Pan Roasted Pocono Trout                                      10
            fingerling potatoes and sun-dried tomato pesto
~ Beef Stew                                                                 11
potatoes, mushrooms, onions and herb jus


~ Roasted Chicken Breast                4          ~ Grilled Shrimp            6          
~ Roasted Salmon         5                               ~ French Fries               3          
~ House Salad               4          ~ Brussel Sprouts          4

Please be patient we cook every plate fresh and just for you...


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