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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sundays--My Day Off

Today is my regular day off. You know the day I usually reserve for cleaning, ordering, and paper work. But I'm not writing this to get sympathy.

This is actually the second day in a row that I've been off. On a regular Saturday I stomp, growl, scream, push and pull everyone around me through what I hope is the busiest day of the week. But on this day I barely had the energy to come to work let alone lead my team. My staff saw this early in the morning and all pitched in to carry their load plus mine. 

So on a day when we had a very important party of 15 in the afternoon and 40 on the books for dinner. I wasn't there!
I say thank you to everyone that works for me everyday when they go home, I know it's small but I don't remember my various bosses saying thank you and I want to be different.

But after awhile I'm sure it just sounds like words, so today I wanted to say thank you to my staff for giving me my first Saturday off in 3 years with the restaurant open (and did very well from what I've been told) when I really needed it.

The Kitchen -- Adam, Lauren, and Kevin
The Servers -- Dana, Alexa, Madison, Julie, and Kate

Thank You


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